The Last Wall Street Journal

Storied Paper Catches Newsweek-itis No, I’m not predicting that the venerable Wall Street Journal disappears, Cheshire cat-like. Just that the print edition — now down to a relative wisp — ceases print publication altogether. Best guess, based on its accelerating vanishing act (reminiscent of Newsweek’s painful decline): no later than the end of this year. P.S.:...
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How Much is Twitter Worth?

“Learn More About Your Followers” = Spend Ad Dollars on Twitter To figure out how much Twitter is worth, you need to know how many “Twitterers” (“Tweeters?” “Twits?”) will bite on the company’s email invitation to learn “more about their followers” and “what resonates with their followers to drive better engagements” (whatever that means — both phrases are excerpts from...
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Coming Soon(?): “The Ross Kaplan Extra Point Attempt”

“This Fourth Down Conversion Attempt Brought to You By [Your Company Name Here]” Inspired by the “Allstate Catch of the Day,” I’m going to see if the cable channel carrying the University of Minnesota football games will consider creating something called “The Ross Kaplan Extra Point Attempt” (I’m game if the price is right). If...
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