ad campaign

“Naan of the Above”

“We Know What You Meant” Dept. I know what the marketing agency behind 7-Up’s “Uncola” campaign would do with naan (a type of flat bread):  position it as an alternative to bagels or toast, and pitch it for breakfast. The tag line? “Have a naan-Breakfast!” You’re welcome, General Mills. See also, “You’re . . . You’re...
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Microsoft: ‘Buy the New Windows Phone. It’s Boring.’

Less Addictive Than Competitors’ Phones? “Less staring. More clubbing.” –Sales pitch, new Windows phone 7 Having let my post-election guard down a bit — fewer political commercials to screen — I unwittingly caught a glimpse of Microsoft’s TV ad campaign for its new Windows phone. Apparently, its message is that people who are so obsessed...
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