Covid-19, Co-Actors, and Cigars

What Do You Call the Person Who Exposes You to Covid-19?  Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” –Sigmund Freud. I literally don’t understand 90% of the scientific terms on the resumé of my 21 year-old, premed son. In the course of doing volunteer contact tracing for Santa Clara county (Bay Area), he’s had to...
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“The Revenant” Movie Review: Is Physical Suffering Acting?

“The Game of Thrones” Look If stoically braving the elements for months on end qualified someone for an acting award, then half the state of Minnesota — at least in a typical winter — should be up for an Oscar.   🙂 But, assuming that such suffering only counts when it’s in the service of...
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Actors Who “Kill,” “Murder,” “Crush,” & “Destroy”

Not Bad Guys or Aliens — Their Roles No, I’m not talking about the heroes of the latest sci-fi blockbuster. I’m referring to when an actor (in a movie, play, etc.) or a comedian doing a stand-up gig, is said to have “killed it” when they do especially well. Or “crushed it,” “destroyed it,” “murdered it,”...
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