“Hmm, I Wonder Where Minneapolis’ “FIDO” Neighborhood is . .. “

“West of FIrst Avenue DOwntown” “Twin Cities Apartment Developers Offer Amenities for Fido.” —Star Tribune (2/7/14) Manhattan has Soho — short for, “SOuth of HOuston Street” (not to mention Tribeca, Nolita, etc.). There’s the “Dumbo” neighborhood in Brooklyn (“DOwn Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”). Even Denver has a hip, “truncated/acronym” neighborhood:  “LoDo,” short for LOwer DOwntown....
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“f/u”? No, “f/u”!!

Maybe That “To Do” List Was Too Long(??) The other week, I emailed a client getting their house ready for market a rather long — but important — list of recommended steps. They took a while to respond, then finally sent me an email saying they would “f/u.” I was momentarily taken aback, because up...
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