Louis C.K.’s New Stand-up Special, “2017”

Mining Taboos (Abortion, Suicide, etc.) for Laughs. Really. Maybe Louis C.K. is saving incest, bestiality, and genocide for his next stand-up special. In this one, titled merely “2017” (it’s a riff on Christianity), he contents himself tackling such taboo subjects as abortion, suicide, beheading, transexuality, and latent homosexuality (if you hadn’t noticed, sex and sexuality loom large...
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“Donald Trump Down to Last U.S. Woman Supporter, Daughter Ivanka”**

Ex-Wife Ivana Disavows Trump Over Abortion Comments “Mr. Trump is currently more popular than cholera with women nationally — but not by much.” –Peggy Noonan, “Trump’s Mess Has Become His Message”; The Wall Street Journal (4/1/2016) Donald Trump may not have lost his last female supporter in the U.S. But, it’s only early April (April...
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