Realtor Gifts to Clients

Want to guess why the IRS limits Realtor gifts to clients to a measly $25 per person, per year? (at least, that’s the most that can be deducted). A.  The IRS doesn’t think Realtors should give clients gifts. B.  The IRS is worried about Realtors kicking back their commissions to clients. C. Clients don’t like...
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“50 is the New 25” (Dollars, that is)

Is 50 the new 25? I have no idea. But $50 sure seems to be the new $25 — threshold for signing a credit card receipt at checkout, that is. Except at Costco, where it’s now $100. I attribute the phenomenon to inflation, plus better credit card security (or at least, one would hope). P.S.: ...
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