2014 prediction

2014 Year in Review: The Year’s Top Trends (& Biggest Surprises)

Prognosticators’ Hits & (Mostly) Misses No, my “Top Ten” list for 2014 isn’t going to garner the same attention as Time Magazine’s impending choice for “Person of the Year,” and has none of the fanfare accompanying the Heisman Trophy winner (also due to be announced imminently). But on the plus side . . . I’m first! In that vein, here’s...
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“Not One Person Saw This Coming”

2014 Predictions vs. 2012 What was the person who said, “not one person saw this coming,” referring to? A. The Dow Jones Average would pass 16,000 in 2013. B.  Gas prices at the pump would plummet below $3/gallon due to a glut of domestically produced crude oil. C. “Argo” would win the 2013 Academy award for best...
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