2014 housing market

The Housing Market & “The Ides of August”

Quality > Quantity Buyers (at Least Until After Labor Day) The Holidays . . . the post-Holidays . . . any stretch in Winter when it’s well below zero. And mid-to-late August. What do all of those periods have in common? They’re all predictably slow for housing transactions in the Twin Cities. Late Summer Slow-Down...
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“Baby Boomerangers” vs. “Boomerang” Home Buyers

2014:  Year of the “Boomerang Buyer”?? If you didn’t know, a “baby boomeranger” is the adult offspring of a Baby Boomer who’s grown up, graduated from college . . . and moved back home with their parents (presumably unemployed — or at least underemployed). That’s bad for the housing market. Replenished Buyer Pool So, what’s...
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