2009 outlook

Switching Phones vs. Switching Homes

A Case of, “If it ‘Aint Broke? . . .”” Are would-be home Buyers sitting on their hands for the same reason I’m still using my (almost) three-year old Palm Treo? Granted, I’m not the typical cell phone buyer. As a Realtor, I want my cell phone to have an infrared sensor so it can...
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Edina Realty’s ’09 Annual Meeting

Surviving the Shakeout Edina Realty held its annual meeting for its 2,500-plus local Realtors today at St. Paul’s Xcel Center. I couldn’t catch all of it — clients come first — but what I saw was a combination pep talk, unusually frank discussion of today’s brutal market, and an emotional presentation by Bob Peltier, Edina’s...
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