November 23, 2009

$1 Million Lake of the Isles FSBO

Going it Alone Where: 16xx 26th St. West, just east of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis What: 3 BR/4BA 1921 Colonial with 3,400 FSF Who: listed by owner How much: asking price is $1.195M When: originally listed July, ’08 (market time now = 16 months) It’s rare to see upper bracket FSBO’s (“For Sale...
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"Clinton’s Folly" . . Seriously!

Playing “Sovereign Monopoly” One sign that a blog post has “legs” is how many people read it: at the moment, “Clinton’s Folly” is getting about a hundred hits an hour, from all over the world (thanks,!) Another sign is that the piece proves to be “fertile” when it comes to generating off-shoot ideas. “Clinton’s...
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On Today

LA Times, Washington Post, Forbes — and City Lakes Blog! is probably the leading aggregator of business-related commentary in the world. Its lineup today includes pieces from The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Times of London, Business Week, Bloomberg, and Forbes. Oh, yeah: and a post from this blog, “Clinton’s Folly,” that...
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Switching Phones vs. Switching Homes

A Case of, “If it ‘Aint Broke? . . .”” Are would-be home Buyers sitting on their hands for the same reason I’m still using my (almost) three-year old Palm Treo? Granted, I’m not the typical cell phone buyer. As a Realtor, I want my cell phone to have an infrared sensor so it can...
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