1800 Lake

Real Estate’s Hottest Color (Hint: it’s also a metal)

Do two buildings make a trend? Maybe, if they’re high enough profile. That would seem to describe both Edina Realty’s new City Lakes office, about a mile west of Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, and 1800 Lake, a new luxury rental building in Uptown just northeast of Lake Calhoun. Copper cladding not only gives these buildings a...
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Iconic Real Estate Numbers and Addresses

What’s in a Number? “One World Trade Center.” “Nine West” (as in, “Nine West 57th”).  “30 Rockefeller Center” (“30 Rock”). “90210” (as in, “Beverly Hills 90210”).  “1800” vs. “1738 Lake” It’s hard to explain why some real estate numbers & addresses attain iconic status  . . . and others don’t. Certainly, it helps if the number is catchy-sounding (“90210”),...
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Spotted Uptown: Hawks, Eagles, and Cranes

Building Cranes Yes, Minneapolis may be the worst performing residential market according to Case-Shiller’s just-released March numbers (down 10% year over year, the largest drop in the top 20 markets that Case-Shiller measures). Nevertheless, there is a mini-building boom apace in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, just northeast of Lake Calhoun and southeast of the Lake of...
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