Taxing Capital Gains

Quid Pro Quo:  Higher Rate for Inflation Indexing With Mitt (“Carried Interest”) Romney ascendant — and the U.S. deficit bulging — capital gains’ current, historically low tax rate (15% for long-term gains) is coming under intensifying scrutiny. Should capital gains be taxed higher — and more like earned income? Probably. But they almost certainly should be indexed...
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1981: Interest Rate Flashback

30-year Bonds, Then & Now A financial Rip Van Winkle who awoke from a 30 year sleep this Fall would be suffering from vertigo, for a variety of reasons. Reason #1:  the 30-year U.S. Bond they purchased in Fall, 1981 would have just matured. Instead of collecting a risk-free 15% the last 30 years — perhaps the all-time best investment...
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