June 5, 2021
Google Flights

Never Mind “Google Flights” — Where’s “Google Rental Car??”

Post-Pandemic Travel Planning: Tracking Rental Car Prices In response to seemingly real-time (“dynamic”) pricing by the airlines the last few years, I now routinely shop for flights using tracking software. I’m sure there are others, but Google Flights lets you set up multiple searches for upcoming travel destinations and dates, then notifies you when there...
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June 5, 2021: Minneapolis Forecast to Reach 102º 

  Hotter Than Hades Phoenix This Weekend in the Twin Cities OK, so the mercury in Minneapolis later today is forecast to “only” reach 102º, vs. 104° in Phoenix. However, once you factor in the relative humidity — 50% locally vs. around 10% in Phoenix — the Twin Cities will actually feel several degrees warmer. Giving...
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Dictionary 150x150 1

“Dig . . . Dug . . . Dog”

(Un)Grammatically Speaking One of the less-heralded parental duties is (gently) correcting your kid’s bad grammar — or trying to. Witness this exchange between me and my (then) 8 year-old daughter: She: “Did you know that Raffy (family dog) digged a big hole in the garden?” Me: “It’s “dug,” not “dig.” She (with emphasis): “Did you know...
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