May 26, 2021
Must See

Avoiding Real Estate Clichés Like the Plague (see what I mean??)

“Not a Drive-By!” “Must See!” Yada, Yada, Yada One of my favorite Mad magazine cartoons (circa 1970) shows a vendor in front of a food stand with the following sign: “turkey burgers,” “chicken burgers,” “buffalo burgers,” “tuna burgers,” “veggie burgers,” etc. etc. The caption: “we have some with ham, too, but we don’t know what...
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Uh-Oh! What Happens When a Tornado (or Earthquake, or Flood) Damages a “For Sale” Home Before Closing??

Short Answer: Buyer’s Call [Note to Readers:  The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, or any other entity referenced.  If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.] RISK OF LOSS: If there is any loss or damage to the Property between the Date...
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The Six Versions of “I Can’t Look!”

Version #6: What Someone Says, Post-Neck Surgery You might not guess how versatile the expression, “I can’t look!” is. That is, at least until you undergo neck surgery (I just did). Here are all the variations I’m now aware of: One. “I can’t bear to watch (someone — or something — come to harm).” What...
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