April 10, 2021

“Disapprobation,” But Not “Disopprobrium” (Huh?!?)

The opposite of “approbation” — a fancy synonym for “approval” — is the word, “disapprobation,” which naturally means disapproval. It would stand to reason, therefore, that the opposite of “opprobrium” — harsh criticism or censure — would be “disopprobrium.” Unh-unh. No such word. All of which leaves me pleasantly mayed** . . .   🙂 **The opposite...
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Three Things Good Realtors Can Be Surprisingly Bad At

Ironically, the better Realtors get at helping clients buy and sell real estate . . . the worse they can get at certain related tasks. Here are three areas where it’s easy for agents to let their skills atrophy — or never acquire expertise in the first place: One. Market reports/updates. Show me a listing...
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