March 12, 2021

Entry-Level Edina: Slim Pickings < $500k (Yup, $500k!)

Why Edina is in Such High Demand It shouldn’t come as surprise that, in a city where the average asking price for a single-family home is now $1.422 million, and the most expensive list price is $3.895 million, entry-level home prices will be dear, too. In fact, starter homes in consistently high-demand Edina begin around...
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Realtors With ADHD

I don’t know if Realtors suffer disproportionately from Attention Deficit Disorder.** But, I did just hear a story at a continuing ed class, about an agent who got this t-shirt from his spouse for his birthday: My wife thinks I have ADHD. I don’t think so. Hey, look! A chicken!” Have a nice weekend! **Getting...
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