February 25, 2021

And Repeat: “Never Negotiate Furniture,” “Never Negotiate Furniture. . .”

Novice Realtors Rush In Where Pro’s Fear to Tread “Never negotiate furniture.” “Never negotiate furniture.” “Never negotiate furniture.” “Never negotiate furniture.” Realtors who don’t know the above rule — or forget it — soon get the opportunity to (re)learn it. That’s because negotiating the sale of personal property, particularly furniture, can be more challenging than...
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Stunning Lake Harriet Colonial Listed With . . . Who Exactly??

Explaining the Ghost “For Sale” Sign (Online, at least) Thanks to quirky (at least to me) MLS rules, home photos can’t include broker names or any other marketing information. Usually that’s not a problem, because the Realtor-ordered photos are taken before the “For Sale” sign is installed. Ahh, but when that’s not the case, to...
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Curb Appeal: When Less is More

Addition By Subtraction Just like staging a home’s interior is mostly about subtraction, not addition, improving a home’s curb appeal is usually about paring back. Most common task: cutting back overgrown landscaping that obscures the home’s curb appeal. In this case, removing this Fern Hill duplex’s window awnings (above) was a 2-for-1: 1) it punched...
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