May 15, 2020

Buyer’s Agent: “Please Keep Me in the Loop”

Realtor-Speak, Translated I don’t know about other listing agents (representing Sellers), but I have to suppress an eye roll when, following a showing, the Buyer’s agent contacts me and asks to be “kept in the loop” if something happens. That “something,” of course, is another offer. Sometimes, Buyers need a day or two to put...
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“Socialists?!? I LOVE Socialists!”

Channeling Emily Litella (and Gilda Radner) For obvious reasons, humor is in short supply right now. Which is precisely why it’s so important. If Gilda Radner were still around — and it’s hard to believe it’s been 31(!) years since she was — I know exactly how she’d update her classic SNL bit: righteously indignant-but-befuddled...
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