February 20, 2020

“Can I Hold Your New Listing Open?”

Retail vs. Wholesale Open Houses One of the best, early omens for a new listing is when agents leaving the Broker Open casually toss off compliments like “nice listing,” “good job!,” or simply “congratulations.” What’s another? When several newer, less experienced agents contact you, asking if they can hold a weekend open house at your...
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Home Buyer’s Final Walk-Through Inspection

Five-Step Checklist One of the last steps before closing ” in fact, sometimes done on the way to closing* ” is the Buyer’s walk-thru. To my mind, at least, the Buyer’s walk-thru has these five goals: One. Determine that there’s been no change in the home’s condition since the Inspection Contingency was removed. What can...
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The Trouble with Tuck Under’s

Easier Sell in Summer? The problem with tuck under garages is what’s “over” the “under”: usually, a bedroom. If that bedroom happens to have hardwood floors, and it’s Minnesota in the winter . . . it can be unpleasantly cold. The two other problems with tuck under garages: 1) they tend to be single stall;...
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