October 2, 2019

Price Reductions: a First Chance to Make a Second Impression

When?  How Much? If an otherwise well-staged, well-marketed home isn’t selling after a reasonable interval on the market**, a price reduction is invariably indicated. How big? It all depends on how overpriced the home appears to be. Toss Out the CMA Once a home is actually on the market, interest from prospective Buyers ” or...
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Guess Who’s ALSO Looking for a Home This Fall (Every Fall, in Fact)

Nesting Instinct It’s not just would-be Buyers who are tirelessly searching for a home this Fall, before the arrival of colder temps and harsher weather. So are critters (and insects, if that’s a separate category). The list includes bees, wasps, mice, squirrels, & raccoons (a few years ago in the Twin Cities, it was even...
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“You Know . . . Your Comp’s Are Right, Ours Are Wrong ” it’s a Deal!”

Dueling Comp’s (and Spreadsheets) Real estate negotiation can involve lots of back-and-forth and numerous fine points, but in my experience, it’s usually not productive to get into a detailed discussion of/argument over the Comp’s, also known as “Comparable Sold Properties.” Put it it this way:  I’ve yet to have the other side say, mid-negotiation, “you...
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