August 21, 2019

Do Minnesotans Buy Houses During the State Fair?

“Quality vs. Quantity” Trade-Off Which side of that question you come down on ” plus your own pre-Labor Day plans ” likely govern whether you list your home before or after Labor Day weekend (or, advise your client to). In a nutshell, here’s the two-part “for” case: 1) with less housing market activity generally, new...
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How to Tell if an Electrician ” or ANY Contractor ” Knows Their Stuff

Years ago, I remember asking an electrician working on a client’s home how a layman like me could tell if the electrician was any good. He shrugged:  “Well, the really bad ones  . . . are dead.” “OK,” I pressed him, “But, how does a non-expert find at least a (very) good electrician?  For that matter, how do...
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