July 29, 2019

“Coming Soon! 4 BR/3 BA Linden Hills 2-Story in Move-in Condition. Price: $500-ish”

Pre-List Networking Trial Balloon I’ve been in real estate sales for 18 years, and I still have no idea what a “$500-ish” price is. $520k, perhaps? Maybe $485k? In truth, I can imagine a “$500-ish” price falling anywhere between $480k to $530k or even higher. Buyer Trap? Which is no doubt precisely the point, especially...
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Avoiding Real Estate Cliches Like the Plague (see what I mean??)

“Not a Drive-By!”  “Must See!”  Yada, Yada, Yada One of my favorite Mad magazine cartoons (circa 1970) shows a vendor in front of a food stand with the following sign:  “turkey burgers,” “chicken burgers,” “buffalo burgers,” “tuna burgers,” “veggie burgers,” etc. etc. The caption:  “we have some with ham, too, but we don’t know what...
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