May 28, 2019

Lake Calhoun vs. Lake Bde Maka Ska

Not Mutually Exclusive At least at the moment, there’s no need to choose between “Lake Calhoun” and “Lake Bde Maka Ska.” That’s because — in the wake of unceasing local rain — the primary lake now has at least two satellite lakes. The larger body of water (top photo) is at the southwest corner of...
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Farewell, Tin Fish; Hello . . . ???

Big Change(s) in Store for Lake Bde Maka Ska (and it’s not the name) Yeah, Yeah, I know “Tin Fish” wasn’t the name of the restaurant on the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun that was destroyed by fire two weeks ago. After a 14-year run, it closed in 2017, and Lola’s on the Lake replaced...
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