May 3, 2019

The Most Important Closing Detail of All

Pre-Closing Checklist Test your mastery of real estate minutiae, and answer the following multiple choice question: What’s the last (if not most important) pre-closing detail to get right? A. The client’s net number on the ALTA (federal closing worksheet). B. Still-needed signature(s) on any last-minute Purchase Agreement Amendments. C. The listing agent’s sign riders from the “For Sale”...
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“Splitting the Difference” & Other Negotiating Tactics

Real Estate Negotiating Principles “Whomever speak first [in a negotiation] . . . loses.” —Anonymous. “Whomever proposes “splitting the difference” in a negotiation stands to get the better bargain.” —Corollary, Ross Kaplan. Veteran negotiators will attest to the truth of the first statement:  if you speak first, you never find out if the other side...
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