April 23, 2019

A Trove of Twin Cities Tudors, from $325k to $2.5M

Lots of Pros (and a few Cons) Tudors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The knocks? For starters, at least in the Twin Cities, many Tudors date to the 1920’s and 1930’s. Translation:  even if they’re in magnificent condition . . . they’re old. Such Tudors often have formal (vs. open concept) floor plans typical of that...
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Green Means “Go?” Not by Lake Calhoun During Rush Hour

More People Living ” & Working ” by the Lakes? “You Betcha!” Once upon a time, on an especially nice weekday in Summer, the traffic heading east to Lake Calhoun would back up a couple blocks during rush hour. No more. Now, it’s practically year-round, in both directions ” at least any time the windchill...
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“Screened Porches” vs. “3-Season Porches” vs. “4-Season Porches”

What Realtors Routinely Get Wrong; or, “How Come There’s No Such Thing as a 2-Season Porch??” If Realtors routinely confuse the various types of porches . . . I don’t know what chance a layman has. Perhaps that’s why, as a public service for Twin Cities Realtors, the local MLS has a post describing the...
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Celestial Sign (Literally) That a For Sale Home is “THE ONE”

Pot of Gold Home at End of Rainbow  In 17+ years selling real estate, I figure that I’ve seen almost 2 million real estate photos on MLS.** But, I don’t recall ever seeing one with a rainbow before. For Buyers who are superstitious or just looking for an omen, that may be just the sign that a...
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