March 27, 2019

Home Finance 101: The Case for Buying Non-Contingent vs. Contingent (if you can)

Avoiding the “Contingency Premium” “We may be small, but we’re slow.” –Cal Tech football team slogan. If you were a home seller, how much extra would you want in order to assume the risk that your Buyer could successfully sell their current home in a timely fashion — the standard Contingency is 60-90 days —...
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Realtor April Fool’s Jokes

“Can I Please Speak to Myra Mains?” Courtesy of now-retired Edina Realty office manager Josh Kaplan, here is a classic April Fool’s joke for ” make that on ” Realtors, especially “newbie” Realtors. The front desk leaves a voicemail for the intended Realtor-victim (plural, ideally), telling them that they have a lead for them. The prospect’s name is “Myra...
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