February 25, 2019

What’s Between a First and Second Showing? Answer: “Showing 1.5”

What’s a “1.5 showing?” When one partner in a couple has seen the house and likes it, and gives their partner a green light to take a look. Rules & Exceptions As a general rule, Realtors acting as a Buyer’s agent prefer that both (all**) decision-makers be present at all showings. That’s not only more efficient,...
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Minnesota Winter Travel (“Away From,” not “To”)

Return Home “To Do” List: Multiple Choice You’ve just returned to Minnesota, tired and hungry late on a Sunday night, from somewhere 50° (or 100°!) degrees warmer.** What’s the first thing you do upon arriving home via Uber? A. Check on your two teenage kids (presumably, studying in their rooms); B. Check on your dog....
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Buyer Inspection Request: “New Future Back and Side Doors: (large amount)”**

In-Bounds or Out-of-Bounds? The Buyer finished their professional home inspection, and just delivered a long list of issues to resolve with the Seller including this one: “New future back and side doors: (large amount).” Such a demand is clearly outside the scope of the inspection, and not properly raised with the Seller. Why? A. The...
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