December 9, 2018

3 Reasons to Buy a House in Minnesota in December (and 2 Reasons Not to)

“Buy a House in Minnesota in December?” “Are You %#&!$ Crazy?!?” Actually, no. In fact, I can think of three reasons why that’s actually a very good idea. Discount Shockers One. Best deals of the year. Every year I’ve been selling real estate ” and it’s now 17 ” the best deals of the year...
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“You’re My Anchor”: Compliment or Dis?

“Ball & Chain” vs. Source of Stability/Emotional Support A “contronym” is word that is its own antonym. Examples include the word “left” (“the gentlemen have left and the ladies are left”); “off” (“to turn off,” but also “activate,” as in “the alarm went off”); and “sanction” (both “approve” and “punish”). So, what do you call...
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