December 8, 2018

401(k) Pain Silver Lining

Relief at Gas Pump No, it doesn’t make up for the vertigo-inducing gyrations (mostly down) on Wall Street the last six weeks or so. But, it’s a little consolation:  dramatically lower gas prices. At Costco, the price for regular (87) octane gas recently was $2.159. For Costco members (I am), it’s actually even lower: net...
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Real Estate Abbreviations (or not): “FSF,” “FSZ,” “FP,” “FR,” & “FD” (“FD”?!?)

Doesn’t “FD” Stand for “Fire Department?” “Things should be made as simple as possible ” but not simpler.” —Albert Einstein I’m all for making things simpler when it comes to real estate terminology. But, there comes a point where it . . . becomes kind of silly. Exhibit A:  showing instructions that refer to the...
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