November 11, 2018

The Wall Street Journal Magazine: Looking . . . and looking(!) . . . for the Table of Contents

“The Innovators Issue” “No one reads Playboy for the articles,” as they used to say. Likewise, I’m pretty sure no one reads the very glossy Wall Street Journal Magazine (pictured above) for its celebrity profiles. Want proof? The Table of Contents of the current issue finally(!) appears on page 33, preceded by — yup! —...
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“Will You Be at Closing?” (& Other Silly Questions)

Being There ” Literally ” For Clients I suppose there are Realtors who miss their clients’ closings. But, I’m not one of them. Would you miss a kid’s graduation? A family member’s birthday party? OK, so a real estate closing may not be quite so momentous. But, after working side by side with someone closely...
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