October 20, 2018

“You Mean the House ISN’T Haunted?!? I’m Suing!”

Man Bites Dog ” Real Estate Edition One of the odder anecdotes from a continuing ed class the other week was the hapless home seller who got sued not because their house was haunted ” but because it wasn’t. Apparently, the Seller had disclosed in their Minnesota Seller’s Disclosure that the home had experienced “paranormal...
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Why is Calling Someone a “Piece of Work” an Insult?

Porsches, Picasso’s, and Stradivariuses A Steinway piano is a hand-made marvel, full of intricate detail and workmanship, sought by collectors and valued accordingly. A true “piece of work,” one might even say. Ditto such treasures as a Stradivarius violin, a Picasso painting, a Porsche sports car, and a Rolex watch. So . . . how...
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