July 28, 2018

The Alternative to Judging Books by Their Covers

“Blind Date With a Book” How should you judge a book? By its beginning (of course). To encourage customers to do just that, Portland bookseller Elisa Saphier set out a table of great reads, wrapped in brown paper, with only the genre (“fiction, “mystery,” etc.) and a provocative sentence or two visible. Cost to “go...
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Rare But Not Unheard of: The TOO FAST Price Reduction

Can Home Sellers Drop Their Price TOO Fast? Admittedly, the vast majority of the time, would-be Sellers of overpriced homes wait too long to reduce their asking price. But, something like 10% of the time when I see price drops, they occur too soon. The usual, three-step scenario:  1) the home was on Broker Tour...
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