June 16, 2018

“Just Tell ‘Em to Make an Offer”: Why Buyers Don’t Write Offers on Overpriced Homes (at least in Minnesota)

How Motivated is the Seller Really? “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” –Zen saying “When a listed home is priced right — and well-prepped, photographed, marketed, etc. — the Buyer will appear.” –Ross Kaplan One of the most common lines listing agents (representing Sellers) hear from their clients — particularly when their...
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Not-So-Coincidental: Why Appraised Value = Sales Price (at least, 90% of the time)

Home Buyers (and Sellers) can be excused for thinking that the purpose of an appraisal — typically, done at the behest of the Buyer’s lender — is to determine the home’s fair market value. Not exactly. Rather, the purpose of the appraisal — at least one done in the context of a home sale —...
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When It’s OK for Home Sellers to Turn Down a Showing

“Just Say “No'” ” or,”Tomorrow Works Much Better” As a rule, the more accessible a home is to prospective Buyers . . . the easier it is to sell. But, that doesn’t mean Sellers can never say “no” ” either to a showing request, or, to a Buyer (and their agent) literally standing in their...
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