January 1, 2018

“When Being Close Counts”: Horseshoes, Slow Dancing, and — Occasionally — Multiple Offers

Deal Insurance for Home Sellers, or, “The Art of the Backup Offer” [Editor’s Note:  one of the perks — and pleasures — of working for a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate like Edina Realty is having office privileges in hundreds of locations around the U.S.  Like in Scottsdale, AZ, where I recently visited.  The post below was...
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“Out of an Abundance of Caution” . . . & Its Opposite

The Buried Mea Culpa Once upon a time, the likes of William Safire and George Carlin could be counted on to call out linguistic curiosities. In that spirit, I offer up the very confused expression, “Out of an abundance of caution.” Overcompensating Practically dripping with CYA (“Cover-Your-A**”), it’s almost always invoked by a contrite person...
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A 100%, Absolutely Guaranteed System for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

So, what’s the secret to keeping every single New Year’s resolution? Discipline, perhaps? How about persistence, fortitude, self-knowledge, or even realistic (read, “low”) expectations? Nope. Try, “timing.” My now 15 year-old son hit upon the idea, years ago, of waiting till the waning hours of New Year’s Eve (like, after 11 p.m.) to forswear various...
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