October 31, 2017

“The Love Can Go Away, But the (Promissory) Note Does Not”

Divorce Settlement Screw-Up’s:  Exhibit A Test your knowledge of mortgage finance, and answer the following question (aired at a continuing ed class yesterday): If a deed is given from an ex-husband to an ex-wife,** the ex-wife is automatically the sole owner of the real property and the sole obligor on the mortgage. A. True B....
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The Witching Hour for Realtors

More Like, “The Witching Minute” At least when it comes to continuing education, the witching hour for Realtors is actually more of a minute:  9:16 a.m., to be specific. That’s when agents arriving for a course are told that they’ve missed the first 15 minutes, and won’t receive credit. Thankfully, me and several dozen Edina...
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