September 12, 2017

The Four Types of Housing Market Participants, in One, Easy-to-Explain Graph

Housing Winners & Losers in Sellers’ Markets & Buyers’ Markets Every housing market has its winners and losers. Every housing market. So, 7-8 years ago, when the market was tanking, the big winners were first-time Buyers — at least ones with (good) jobs and unblemished credit. With rock-bottom prices and an ocean of inventory, many...
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Measuring Irregular Rooms

Square Pegs into Round Irregular Holes The input field on MLS for room sizes asks for two numbers:  the room’s width and its length. Which works great if a room is rectangular. But what if it’s not? If the room has a dormer, is L-shaped, curved, or otherwise defies a standard “width x length” measurement,...
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