August 17, 2017

Real Estate Photography & Monday’s Solar Eclipse

The Twilight Shot of the Century (But, Good Luck Getting a Re-Shoot) Yes, over 80% of the Sun over the Twin Cities will be covered by the moon’s shadow for about two hours Monday afternoon (August 21). But, no, that shouldn’t affect scheduled photo shoots for upcoming listings locally (a client just asked whether his 1:30 p.m....
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Do Minnesotans Buy Houses During the State Fair?

“Quality vs. Quantity” Trade-Off Which side of that question you come down on — plus your own pre-Labor Day plans — likely govern whether you list your home before or after Labor Day weekend (or, advise your client to). In a nutshell, here’s the two-part “for” case:  1) with less housing market activity generally, new listings will...
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