August 16, 2017

Sunday Open Houses: Not Just For the Public

When Popping Into a Weekend Open House Trumps Beats a Private Showing For Buyers & Their Agents In general, home buyers and their agents prefer to see “For Sale” homes when: a) it suits their schedule(s); and b) they can count on having it to themselves. Ergo, they prefer private showings — typically, one hour-long — to very...
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Buyer Inspection Item: “New Future Back and Side Doors: (large amount)”

In-Bounds or Out-of-Bounds? The Buyer finished their professional home inspection, and just delivered a long list of issues to resolve with the Seller including this one:  “New future back and side doors:  (large amount).” Such a demand is clearly outside the scope of the inspection, and not properly raised with the Seller. Why? A. The item is prospective, not a here-and-now...
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