July 14, 2017

Commercial vs. Residential Cranes

Key Questions:  1) Will it fit in the elevator?; 2) IS THERE an elevator? When you see a crane outside a commercial property, it’s usually hoisting a piece of HVAC-related equipment (heating, cooling, electrical) onto the roof that’s too big to fit in an elevator. By contrast, when you see a crane outside a residential...
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The Many Uses (Still) For Liquid Paper (“White-Out”)

In a supposedly paperless world, why does anyone still need something to correct paper mistakes? I know at least one, non-standard application:  touch-up paint for Realtor sign riders. 🙂 It’s not as good as white nail polish, and not as water-repellent (or long-lived) as oil-based paint, but in a pinch . . . it’ll do!
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