May 27, 2016

Cool Staircase (and House!)

3516 Fuller Street in Edina for $1.69 Million You don’t typically see a staircase showcased in the first photo on MLS or in marketing materials (like the one above). That spot is usually reserved for a photo of the front exterior. But, when the home has a staircase as cool as the one in 3516 Fuller in Edina...
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The Stock Market & “The Shoeshine Boy Indicator” (Or is that “Uber Driver?”)

Bullish and Bearish Bellwethers Just before the 1929 crash, Joseph Kennedy (father of President John F.) was supposed to have dumped all his stocks because a Wall Street shoeshine boy started giving him stock tips. Kennedy reasoned that, if even shoeshine boys were playing the market, there was no remaining, untapped demand to support stock...
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