November 24, 2015

Vacant Home as Realtor Love Nest? Not On Your Life (er, License)

“Modern Family” Season 7, Episode 7:  “Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House” When it comes to showing TV Realtor Phil Dunphy in plausible, work-related situations, the writers for sitcom Modern Family have been remarkably sure-footed spanning almost 150 episodes. See, “Halloween Night Open Houses“; “Phil Dunphy, (TV) Realtor”; “Phil Dunphy’s ‘Modern Family’ Rival: ‘She Lied, She Cheated, She Won“;...
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The Lower Level With 16 Finished Square Feet (Huh?!?)

Maybe They’re Counting Four Stairs I’ve seen homes with as much as 3,000 finished square feet in the lower level — “basement” to non-Realtors (it was a very big house). And I’ve seen homes with no finished square feet in the lower level (typical of 19th century homes that have limestone foundations and only partial basements with...
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Do a Real Estate Deal on the Back of a Napkin? You Could

Q:  Do the Pages in a Real Estate Contract Have to Be Numbered? I know that some fellow agents — and perhaps an Office Manager or two — may strenuously object. However, it’s my blog, and I am a former corporate attorney. So, here’s the answer:  ‘no, they don’t.’ Rationale I’ll go even further:  not...
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