August 13, 2015

Does the Seller REALLY Already Have a Buyer Lined Up?

Three Questions to Ask One of the last hurdles for would-be Sellers and their agents to surmount before signing a listing contract often is how to handle prospects who’ve already expressed interest in the home. Sometimes, what appears to be very serious interest. The conversation usually goes something like this: Homeowner:  “My neighbor’s daughter/son-in-law’s best...
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The Overstated Ills of ETF’s

Price Discovery, But Now With Fewer “Patsies” “If you’re playing poker for half an hour, and you don’t know who the patsy at the table is . . . it’s you.” –Warren Buffett As super-cheap exchange traded funds (“ETF’s”) proliferate, Wall Street is fighting back. The latest salvo:  a new academic paper suggesting that ETF’s...
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