August 12, 2015

Why Listing Contracts Don’t Need a “List By” Deadline

“Withheld From MLS” — But For How Long? It’s customary — at least for every listing I’ve ever taken — for the Seller to sign a “Withhold From MLS” form allowing me more than the otherwise maximum three days to have the home officially on the market. Wouldn’t it be smart, therefore, for the Seller...
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August, 2015 Housing Market: Macro Variables > Micro?

China’s Chickens Come Home to Roost** or, Is the Opposite of the “Wealth Effect” the “Poverty Effect??” Normally, I tell prospective home Buyers and Sellers to tune out “macro” factors like the broader economy, (un)employment, etc. and instead focus on “micro” factors affecting the specific property they want to buy or sell. So, forget about...
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