February 20, 2015

Coming Soon: “House of Cards” Weekend(?) Marathon

“10-9-8-7 . . .” If you’re a “House of Cards” fan (I am), it’s “T-minus 7” till Season #3, available on Netflix starting next Friday (2/27). I don’t have the time — but I’m sure I’ll find it, anyways — to watch the new season over a couple, TV-crammed nights (or should I say, iPad?). See...
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Why Starting Too High (Sellers) or Too Low (Buyers) Usually Backfires

“Death By a Thousand Cuts” (Or Raises) No home Seller, quite understandably, wants to leave money on the table. No Buyer wants to overpay. Which is why it can be so tempting to initially list for too much (Sellers) or offer too little (Buyers). Big mistake. That’s because what often happens next — and by “next,” I mean, “several...
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