June 28, 2013

Stealth Housing Statistics

Overreaching Sellers (& Their Side Effects) The big story in the housing market so far this year has been (lack of) inventory. As previously discussed on this blog, that has resulted — at least in the lower price rungs dominated by first-time Buyers — in multiple offers, upward price pressure, and lots of frayed Buyers (and...
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“Dear (Former) Homeowner: You Owe Us $75k”

Ok, so that’s not what the letter — sent by certified mail, no less — actually said. But, it’s not hard to see why my client thought that. In fact, what they received was a subcontractor notice, commonly referred to as a prelien notice, informing them that the value of the goods and services that the contractor...
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“Dig . . . Dug . . . Dog”

(Un)Grammatically Speaking One of the less-heralded parental duties is (gently) correcting your kid’s bad grammar — or trying to. Witness this recent exchange between me and my 8 year-old daughter: She:  ‘Did you know that Raffy (family dog) digged a big hole in the garden?” Me:  “It’s “dug,” not “dig.” She (with emphasis):  “Did you know that...
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Twin Cities Upper Bracket Showings Down

Leading vs. Lagging Real Estate Indicators The headline news about the housing market this week was the latest Case-Shiller numbers:  nationally, housing prices are up over 12% the last year. Meanwhile, closer to home (and in the trenches) . . . Twin Cities agents listing upper bracket homes (over $1.2 million) are bemoaning the lack...
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