July 3, 2012

“The Peter (Madoff) Principle,” Circa 2012: ‘Justice Delayed is Justice . . . Eventually’

Jon Corzine Free Until . . . 2022? “Peter Madoff Pleads Guilty to Fraud.” —Headline; The Wall Street Journal (June 29, 2012) Coming up on the four year anniversary of the demise of Bernie Madoff”s multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, his younger brother, Peter, has now plead guilty to fraud. Given that the case was cracked...
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The NEW Sub-Prime Loan Market: Bigger Than Ever

“Countrywide” Redux:  The Age of  the Sovereign Sub-Prime Loan Remember sub-prime loans, the ones being handed out like candy to apparently penniless Southern Californians (and Nevadans and Floridians and . . )? With such features as “negative amortization,” whereby the Buyer could opt to re-pay as little per month (or nothing!) as they wished, with the...
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Recipe for Multiple Offers (Feeding Frenzy?): 4340 Colfax Ave. South by Lake Harriet

  Not Just “Location, Location, Location” Twin Cities home Buyers (and readers of this blog) know that multiple offers are back, big-time, this year. But not everywhere, or for every property type or at every price point. So, what makes for a sure-fire bidding war, like the one that just erupted at 4340 Colfax Avenue...
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