April 20, 2012

The Virtue of a Sloppy Signature

Great penmanship may be an asset in many walks of life, but it can be a decided disadvantage at a real estate closing, especially if one party to the transaction has pre-signed. Then, the closer must determine that there’s an exact match between the absent party’s signature, and the document authorizing a representative to sign for...
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“First Time on the Market in 57 Years!”

I certainly know what the listing agent is trying to achieve with that language:  the home represents a rare purchasing opportunity, so Buyers had better hustle or risk missing out (for another 57 years?!?). In practice, however, my association with the above — and I suspect most Buyers’ as well — is that the home...
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“The Right House at the Wrong Time = the Wrong House”

Letting Buyers Off the Hook What do you do as a Buyer if you really like the first (or second) house you see, only to be told a couple hours after you went through that it’s in multiple offers, and that you have until 8 p.m. that night to make an offer? Scenario #2:  you need a bigger house,...
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