February 15, 2012

City Lakes All-Time “Top Ten” Posts

My Picks (vs. Most Popular) When you post — on average — twice a day for a couple years, they can’t all be zingers. But after some 3,000 or so posts and drafts (yes, I’ve got another couple hundred posts teed up), at least a few have been spot-on, as they say:  well-written, insightful, and...
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North Dakota: Getting Hot(ter)

“Go Northwest, Young Man” I’ve written recently how, 500 miles to the southeast, the Twin Cities labor market and economy generally are starting to feel ripples from North Dakota’s booming oil fields.  See, $16 an Hour at McDonald’s; “Hanging Sheet Rock for $90k a Year.” When the conference organizers get in on the act (see above)...
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“Please Keep Me in the Loop” (and Other Dumb Things Buyers’ Agents Say)

“Powell Doctrine” vs. “Kaplan Doctrine” Military action should be used only as a last resort.  However, when it is used, it should be overwhelming and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy. –Powell Doctrine (my paraphrase) Buyers who have serious interest in a home should stay off the listing agent’s radar until such time...
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