July 13, 2011

Spotted: Blimp Flying Over Highway 100

“Don’t Call it a Blimp — It’s an Airship!” Whatever it’s called, it was over 36th St. and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park this morning, heading southwest at a surprisingly fast clip (40 mph?). Apparently, the airship (zeppelin? dirigible?) — an, um . . . advertising vehicle for Farmers Insurance — will be based in...
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Housing Market’s “Dog That Didn’t Bark”

Why Aren’t More Banks Pursuing Deficiencies?  It’s the housing market equivalent of “the dog that didn’t bark”:  with hundreds of thousands of homeowners nationally on the hook for mortgage deficiencies in the wake of short sales and foreclosures, why aren’t more banks trying to collect? Anecdotally, there appear to relatively few such actions, leaving lawyers, Realtors, and...
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Exactly How Low Are Interest Rates Today?

Wasting a Perfectly Good Postage Stamp How low are interest rates today? So low that it literally doesn’t pay to spend 44¢ on a first class stamp to mail a deposit to my broker’s local branch, vs. using their (free) self-addressed envelope and sending it out-of-town. Time Value of Money?  Infinitesimal Once upon a time...
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