June 3, 2011

When Realtor MLS Statistics are Misleading

Keeping the “Pipeline” Full I’m sure I’m not the only Realtor scratching their head (at least a little) about why their recent MLS statistics belie their crazy work weeks (I’ve been going 70-80 hours a week virtually since February). The explanation? MLS statistics are a lagging indicator. They’re also incomplete. Examples What does MLS track by...
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Cheap Money! or “A Call to ARM’s?”

Jumbo Mortgages for 4.75% The Federal Reserve anticipates that very low interest rates will be needed for an extended period. –Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Mortgage interest rates have been so low for so long (2 years?  5 years?) that it’s no longer perceived as “new news” — but actually, it is. Namely, jumbo mortgages (over...
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